Final Year Project Softcopy Documents and outputs

1. Report Download Link: FYPFinalReportFinalEdition

p.s. all deliverable links are in part 3 – deliverable

2. Game.exe (zip file download) :

3. SourceCodeScript :

4. All 3D models in .fbx and .mb:

5. Game opening animation video:


Demo, New Progress and Effect

The Colussus v1.9 Gameplay Demo

Making a practical fire animating effect on fireplace in Unity with texture images

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.53.12 AM



Panning Camera Animation Tutorial

Outcome demo :

Semester B – Unity Rearches

Weekly Process:

1)Fixed handy flashlight range problem and modified angle

2)Improving the atmosphere with lighting modification




Adding Texture to an object (RGB + normal map), setting tile and offset



Semester A – Overall Game Prototype Tasks

1. Start and Game Pause Menus

  • controlled by makey makey hardware buttons

2. Paper fragments collection

3. Candle flashlight function for player

  •  Each candle has a limited life (light intensity will decrease when time runs out)
  • Player need to collect candles in the game world to maintain light stream for exploring dark area

4. Player basic interactivities with game key objects

  • Collect keys
  • Open doors, toybox and drawers

5. Switch between 1st player controller main camera and close up objects focus cameras  

  • e.g. Switch between player main camera to Close up camera on table lamp
  • After focus, some interactions can be done by player, e.g. Turn on or turn off the table lamp, read and flip the dairy on table

6. Movable puzzle task

  • Impelment drag and drop 3D puzzle (objects) by using human hands with kinect technique (VERY IMPORTANT SCRIPTING API)

Sound References